For over 20 years Plascon has been manufacturing flexible packaging, and offering custom solutions for your packaging requirements.  Our FDA approved bags and liners are not only sought after in the food industry, but are also suitable for any product that requires a bag-in-a-box protective liner. So whatever you are packaging, shipping, and storing, we’ve got a liner to keep your valuable products safe!

Industries we serve:

Restaurants & Food Service
Industrial Food Processing Companies
Meat Packaging
Farming & Agriculture
Retail Packaging

About our products:

Cook Chill Bags

Plascon’s Cook Chill bags and accessories are trusted by top chefs and local restaurant operators alike. The Cook Chill method of cooking involves batch cooking large quantities to be used not only at restaurants, but also schools, supermarkets, casino’s, cruise lines, resorts, catering services, amusement parks, and hospitals, to name a few.  Using Cook Chill in your business is also easily scalable from large food distribution to single restaurant locations.  Our 7-layer Cook Chill bags are specifically designed to withstand handling during the prep, storage, and transportation process. We stock many commonly used Cook Chill bag sizes, and can also accommodate custom sizing with minimum order requirements.  Our bags are available in both clear and colored film options, and are available as heat seal, angle heat seal, clipped, and handle bag options.  We’ve also got you covered with all of your Cook Chill accessories including ring stands, aluminum clips, hand and foot impulse sealers, and stackable crates with dollies to help with your storage of filled bags.  

Box Liners

We call them box liners, but our liners fit bins, totes, boxes, and crates.  Basically, these liners serve to protect whatever you are packaging into one of these types of containers.  All of our films are food grade, so from bakeries, seafood and meat processors, floral arrangements, and fresh produce harvested directly from your farm, to common retail items such as apparel, parts, books and well, just about anything you need to store or ship in a box can benefit from using a liner.  Keeps food items fresh and sanitary, and prevents damage to any product stored. As manufacturer, we offer HDPE, LLDPE, PE blends, and Biodegradable films in many gauges and colors.

Saftea® Liner

If fresh brewed iced tea is part of your business model, using our Saftea® Liner in your iced tea urn dispensers improves the quality and sanitation of the beverages you serve. By nature, teas are prone to mold, and with improper cleaning, these molds and bacteria can buildup inside your tea urn dispensers.  If you are not currently disassembling the spigot from your tea urns on a daily basis, you may be shocked to find what “brews” inside (pun intended!). Using Saftea® Liners removes this risk since the tea never comes in direct contact with the urn. No scrubbing or cleaning chemicals are required, leaving a cleaner, fresher, and more hygienic beverage for your patrons to enjoy. Replacing a liner takes less than 30 seconds, so you are back up and running with virtually no down-time!  You can even try it risk free by requesting our free 7-day trial here!  

Whatever product you are looking to package, chances are we have what you are looking for!  Contact us to discuss your packaging requirements, and our talented staff will work to find the perfect solution for your needs.