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Mini Chill

Effective Bag-Chilling in Tight Spaces

For Foodservice Operations With Minimal Floor Space

The Mini-Chill System from Plascon is the perfect solution for chilling Cook Chill bags in foodservice operations with minimal floor space. Provides small volume chilling with minimal investment. A great addition to a Cook Chill Starter Set to provide everything needed to start using the Cook Chill process. Choose from the 32-Gallon or 44-Gallon option to best suit your needs and space requirements. Container is certified to NSF standards #2 and #21.

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Mini Chill with Colored Bags

The Mini Chill System

32-gallon unit chills up to ten, 1-gallon bags in under 2 hours

44-gallon unit chills up to twenty 1-gallon bags under 2.5 hours.

Provides chilled water recirculation with submersible pump system

Requires only 4 square feet of floor space

Plugs into standard 115 volt outlet

Can be easily drained into a sink or floor drain

On dolly for maximum mobility

Includes lid

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