2020 on into 2021 has not exactly been fun for the restaurant industry. Closures due to Covid, bankruptcies in abundance, and now, a labor shortage that is challenging restaurant owners in their effort to resume service at a more normal level.

If you look around the country, virtually every restaurant is currently hiring and all are short staffed. The other day I was at a drive thru, and there was a sign that read please give our employees a break. They are working as fast as they can and we are understaffed.  The food service industry is really struggling right now to properly staff their establishments. So what can you do to try to help lure talent?

Make their lives easier. The Saftea® Liner does just that. Your employees no longer need to spend arduous time scrubbing and cleaning urns. By using the Saftea® Liner, you eliminate the need to scrub and clean those urns, which in turn will make your employees VERY happy. Have you ever tried to clean one of those things? It takes at least 10 minutes to do it properly, and it’s almost impossible to get it completely clean. There will always be residue and cleaning solutions left behind inside the urn. However, using the Saftea® Liner eliminates the need to clean!  One Saftea® Liner a day will keep the mold and bacteria away.

The Saftea® Liner will also save you money in operations! How, you ask?  Instead of spending up to a half hour disassembling, scrubbing and cleaning, and then reassembling each tea urn in your restaurant, switch to Saftea® Liner and simply replace liners.  Done. (Don’t forget to recycle the liner!) Eliminating this task frees up employee time to concentrate on other areas, and speed up your closing process for the evening. Your staff will be happy, and you are creating a safer, healthier environment for your staff and patrons alike, all while saving a little labor costs that effect your restaurant’s bottom line.

See for yourself! We offer 7 day free trials of the liners so you can try before you buy! Really, what are you waiting for?  Request your free samples today.