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About Plascon Group

Founded in 2000, The Plascon Group of companies is made up of world-class manufacturers of specialty plastic packaging for the foodservice, institutional, and pharmaceutical industries. Plascon’s engineering focus is on creating safety and operational efficiency. From that focus, Plascon has developed innovative products like Saftea® Liner and EasyLineTM  that turn plastic packaging into operational efficiency, cost savings, food safety and workplace ergonomics.

From our Class 10,000 cleanroom where we manufacture cutting edge bioprocessing bags, to time and money-saving packaging solutions for the food industry, to turn-key work programs used to generate income and create job skills in community rehabilitation centers and corrections institutions, we take great pride in producing custom, innovative solutions to meet our client’s needs and providing packaging certified excellent customer service and support.

We have achieved British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Food Safety Certification. BRC is a leading global quality and food safety certification program. Plascon received certification for Packaging, with the scope of the certification including the manufacturing, conversion and warehousing of flexible packaging intended for use in food contact packaging applications.

Plascon is BRC certified for packaging materials.

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