Winning Back Your Loyal Patrons

I don’t need to remind anybody what is happening out there. We see it daily, all day long, on all news sources. The battle against the Coronavirus, or Covid-19.

About a year ago, I was sitting in an airport, flying to Florida for a short vacation where my family was waiting for me. I can remember sitting waiting for my flight and watching the news playing inside the airport. They were talking about this new virus that so little was known about, and how it was beginning to ravage China and Italy, and cities were beginning to be shut down. While I was on vacation, Wuhan was shut down, and our first cases started popping up in the US. By the time we got home back to Northern Michigan, the virus was starting to spread in New York and Washington State.

I remember the day we were at the office and the announcement came for the stay at home order (the first one). So those of us who could work from home packed up as much as we thought we might need (remember nobody knew how long we would be working remotely) and darted out of the door to the safety of our homes.

Restaurants were shuttered across the country, while a few lucky ones with drive thru’ s or those who had outdoor seating were still able to generate a good amount of business,. The industry pivoted and started relying almost solely on off premise dining as all dining rooms in most states were completely shut down. Millions lost jobs overnight in all sorts of industries. Companies like Plascon, who supply food packaging for the restaurant industry had to figure out a way to survive. Orders came in much slower. Everyone was doing whatever they could do just to survive, as nobody knew how long this would last.

Then came the new normal. Wear a mask. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water. Stay 6 feet apart from other humans. Fight for toilet paper in the stores, and for a few weeks there you couldn’t find chicken anywhere. The country had come to a grinding halt. Weddings cancelled. Vacations scrapped. Sporting events cancelled or played without fans. Life as we knew it was gone. Replaced by fear and uncertainty.

restaurant food safety

A crazy year indeed. But, with a vaccine (three of them now) and states opening up the vaccine to those of us who are younger (I got my first shot last week) there is hope! There is a reason to be optimistic, and we are seeing that happen. As restaurants are allowed to re-open, food safety is more heightened than ever, with elevated safety and cleaning procedures above and beyond what was once the norm. We have seen an uptick in customers who see the Saftea(R) Liner as exactly that – a food safety product that shows their customers that they mean business when it comes to protecting their food and beverages. Saftea(R) Liner provides superior sanitation, and protects both your restaurant staff as well as the patrons you welcome back into your dining areas. Visit us at to learn more!

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