What’s your favorite sauce?

National Sauce Month is an annual designation observed in March. This month, sauce it up! Throw a little extra sauce on some of your favorite meals and don’t guilt yourself for it. Whether you like it hot, mild, or somewhere in between, this is the perfect time to celebrate all things saucy and have some fun with it. Since sauce is so diverse, one kind of it or another can go on literally anything.

National Sauce Month

Having eggs and sausage for breakfast but want something extra? Sauce. Hot sauce, syrup, salsa, you name it. It works. Enjoying a big salad for lunch? Of course, you can’t eat a salad without the best part – dressing! Aka… sauce. Ranch, thousand island, vinaigrette. The list goes on. Indulging in a big juicy steak with some potatoes and pasta on the side? You don’t need us to tell you to sauce it up. Last but not least, sweet sauce drizzled over any kind of dessert is one of the closest things to heaven we will ever experience on this earth.

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