Here at Plascon, this is a very exciting month! We feel confident that our Saftea® Liner product line can become an instrumental component of any operation large or small! You will have peace of mind knowing that both sanitation and quality efforts are improving within this facet of your operation.

Please take this quiz to test your knowledge on some facts we found interesting about this month’s shining star, Tea!

 1.  Which event in the 1920’s helped spark interest in iced tea?
Troops returning home from WWI

Women gaining the right to vote
(Answer: Prohibition)

2. The first tea bags were…

Intended to be used as sample bags
Made of silk
Both answers are correct 
None of the above
(Answer:  Both answers are correct)

3. The 4 main types of tea (oolong, white, green & black)

Come from four different plants

Are processed differently but originate from the same plant

All contain no caffeine 

(Answer:  Are processed differently, but originate from the same plant)

4. Which flavor profile is found in Earl Grey Tea? 

Oil of bergamot
Oil of cloves
Orange oil
Answer: Oil of bergamot

5. The art of tea brewing was…

Started in China thousands of years ago

Discovered by accident


Answer: both

6. Tea leaves that have been fermented and heated to dry are…

Orange pekoe
Black tea leaves
White tea leaves
None of the above 
Answer: Black tea leaves

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If this is something you are interested in, we will send you a free trial that includes seven liners and one pinch-tube spigot, so you are able to test the product free for one week.  We feel that once you have used the Saftea® Liner in your restaurant or convenience store, you will see the many benefits of incorporating this into your daily operations to ensure optimal safety and sanitation for your customers.
We hope to hear from you soon!