Walk into any back yard in the summer and you will most likely see a grill ready for use. There is nothing better than being surrounded by family and friends enjoying this smoky, tender meal. It really is an American pastime. Have you ever wondered how to make this even more enjoyable?

Introducing Sous Vide

French for “under vacuum”, sous vide is a cooking process that involves sealing food in a vacuum pouch bag, then cooking to a precise temperature using a water bath. This results in consistent cooking throughout the food, while retaining the natural juices for better flavor and tenderness. Starting with sous vide, and then finishing by tossing on the grill adds the delicious smoky taste for a classic BBQ flavor. Sous vide in the past was a trait that was exclusive to professional chefs, however, it is now just as accessible and simple to small organizations or even the at home chef. Adding sous vide to your BBQ rituals is very similar to the low and slow process that America already loves.

sous vide cook tank

If you are thinking of trying this method in addition to your established BBQ routine, here are some tips to making the delicious merger:

  • While this sounds a bit backwards one method is to smoke the meat first at the lowest temperature possible, between 150°-180°F. In doing so, this will help the smoked flavor to reach all the meat while in the sous vide bath.
  • It is important to remember not to let the smoked meats internal temperature exceed the desired sous vide bath temperature.
  • Sous vide temps will vary depending on the type of meat but the average temps for common barbecued meats is a range of 132°-165°. This applies to meats such as beef, brisket, ribs, etc. This step, like smoking meats is a long process and can last anywhere from a few hours to days depending on the chef’s preference.
  • Once you have achieved your desired tenderness, removing it from the sous vide and placing it back on a hot grill will help to revive the crust on the outer edge and enhance the smoked flavor.

Although this method may take a little while longer the result will make you wish you would have tried it sooner!

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