As 2020 comes to an end and we all excitedly look towards what 2021 has in store, it is nice to be able to look back over the past year and see that it wasn’t all that bad (hindsight is 2020 after all). As the world faced a year like none other before it, a lot of changes had to take place to accommodate restrictions placed on companies, but as a team, Plascon was not only able to meet the expectations, but excel through them.

When the year was fresh and just beginning, everybody was optimistically planning for the year ahead of us with no idea what 2020 held.As with most companies, Plascon was looking for ways to better serve our customers, expand our business, and keep things headed in a positive direction. With plans to broaden our work force, preparing for our annual BRC audit, and improving our website and online ordering system, we had a lot of goals for our growing company.

Then little by little news started coming out about what was going on in the world and we all had to learn how to adjust. As a company who works with companies worldwide, we were concerned. Plascon is an essential business, providing for both food and medical companies. We would keep our lines running, but if our partners had to shut down their production, how could we keep our customers needs fulfilled? After all, our customers are dependent on the packaging we provide, including Cook Chill bags & accessories, Box Liners, Saftea(R) Liners, Biodegradable Bags & Liners, and various other food grade packaging needed to keep their operations in business as well. How would we accommodate the new guidelines and keep everybody as safe as possible?… The answer was simply the only way we know how, by coming together and working as a team.

Those of us who could, began working from home and those of us who stayed in the office spread ourselves into the newly vacant offices to keep distance. To keep our production staff safe and meet distancing guidelines, we moved our Saftea(R) production team off site and spread everybody out as much as possible. During this we still moved forward with filling open positions and projects to improve. With a portion of the staff out of the warehouse, we revamped our racking system to store more product. We took advantage of our emptier lots to tackle a repaving, and landscaping projects. We moved forward with our BRC audit, which was rescheduled from May to September and, in the midst of everything, Plascon once again achieved a ‘AA’ BRC certification for the fourth year in a row!

2020 was a curveball of a year, to say the least. As it wraps up and we look ahead to what 2021 might have in store, we hold on to the same ambitious optimism that we had 12 months ago. We are looking forward to working with new vendors, seeing new (and old) smiling faces at our facility as we build our team (and eventually bring our work from home team back into the office), product development, and growing to meet the needs of all our amazing customers!

Have a wonderful 2021!

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