Sous Vide Packaging

Sous Vide is French for “under vacuum” and this method of food preparation is gaining popularity as more chefs recognize the advantages of the process.

sous vide beef

Sous Vide Cooking & Packaging

In Sous Vide, foods are vacuum-sealed in plastic pouches, then cooked using precisely controlled heating. Cooking temperatures are lower and cooking times are longer. The result is a dish that retains all of the moisture, nutrients and flavors of the ingredients and is evenly done throughout.


For Sous Vide to be successful, the quality and construction of the plastic pouch that the food is cooked in is critical. Plascon Food Solutions offers a full line of Sous Vide pouches that are ideal for this application.


Previously only practiced at high-end gourmet restaurants, Sous Vide use is increasing as the benefits of the method are better understood and safety concerns are addressed. The commercial Sous Vide equipment available today addresses the obvious safety questions that arise from cooking foods at low temperatures by incorporating very precise temperature controls to ensure that foods are cooked properly. Sous Vide units for home use have even started to become popular items in gourmet kitchen stores.


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