When you think of Summer, what refreshing (non-alcoholic!😉) drink is the first to come to mind?  Would you believe that tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, second only to water?  Did you know that the United States annual consumption rate for 2020 was more than 3.8 billion gallons? Or that 75-80% of that was iced tea? (Source: Tea Association of the U.S.A.) Are you one of the millions of Americans that drink iced tea on a daily basis?  If so, then June is definitely a good month for you!  Why?  Because June is National Iced Tea Month! 

Here at Plascon, we like iced tea a lot!  So we thought it would be fun to share a little crossword puzzle that salutes this popular beverage! Click here to play the interactive puzzle.

At Plascon, we take the health and safety of serving iced tea seriously.  That is why more restaurants, cafeterias, and convenience stores use our patented Saftea®Liner tea urn liners to provide maximum sanitation and hygiene, with the added bonus of a fresher, better tasting beverage.  Since the iced tea never comes in direct contact with the tea urn dispenser, there is no bacterial buildup inside the urn, and since the liner is disposable, there is no risk of cleaning chemical residue that can make the tea taste sour.  The result?  Better tasting, and healthier tea!  Ask your favorite restaurant if they currently use Saftea®Liner.  Restaurant operators, if you haven’t tried the liner yet, request your exclusive offer for a free 1-week supply of Saftea®Liner and see the results for yourself!