Imagine this, you’re away from your hometown and you’re craving your favorite chain restaurants’ chicken soup. You go in, sit down, place your order, wait in anticipation, and when your server finally places that steaming bowl of yumminess in front of you and you take a bite.  it tastes nothing like what the location at home serves. Now wake up from that nightmare, because it rarely ever happens, and there’s a good reason why.

cook chill system

Chain restaurants thrive on their consistency and familiarity. Everything from the décor, to the music, and the food is concise and uniform whether you’re in Portland, Oregon or Portland, Maine. Behind the scene at your favorite chain restaurants is a team of people and companies making sure your experience is as expected every single time. Here at Plascon, we are proud to be a member of that team.

As one of the leading providers of Cook Chill bags in the industry, Plascon is vital to the consistency of dishes being served at restaurants across the country. Without precise recipes and large batch preparation that soup you love just won’t be the same each time you slurp it. Cook Chill is a food preparation system that involves fully cooking food products and rapidly cooling them for storage, transportation, and using at a later date. Food is then reheated to the proper temperature for serving, allowing for consistent results.  

Preparing meals in volume and portioning out smaller quantities to heat up at a later time not only keeps the product uniformed, it also quickens the time from placing your order to eating your meal by having the composition of the meal ready to go when the order is placed. Think of it as your weekly meal prep and planning, just on a much larger scale.    

From popular chains to mom n’ pop shops, Cook Chill Systems are an essential step in large batch preparation. At Plascon, you can find everything you need to start your business’ cook chill production. Bags come in a variety of sizes and configurations including heat sealed or clipped options, and accessories to complement your setup, we have a solution for what works best in your operation to successfully start using the Cook Chill method for large batch food preparation!

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