Following lengthy shutdowns in most states due to COVID-19, many bars, restaurants, and convenience stores will soon reopen for business throughout the country.

Staff members and owners alike are anxious to get back to business and to start navigating new guidelines imposed by public health departments. Many new processes and procedures will be required for public safety. We have all seen a few of these changes already taking place with distancing, masks and increased sanitation measures all becoming standard practice.

Many restaurants will invite customers back into their dining rooms or back to their quick serve counters to place and receive orders. Business owners should consider new ways to keep staff and customers safe while customers should expect a new commitment to safety and sanitation in these public gathering spaces by operators.

If your operation serves fresh brewed iced tea, or iced coffee, let our Saftea® Urn Liners protect against contamination and help to increase public confidence.

Our Saftea® Liners with a zip-locking top has proven in studies and in thousands of restaurants to:

  1. Eliminate mold and bacteria found in tea urns and spigots.
  2. Improve customer safety and increase sales.
  3. Improving operational efficiency.
  4. Prevent a possible food safety incident.

saftea tea urn liners - waitress serving tray of iced tea

A new level of attention is required by restaurant operators and owners to ensure a safe dining experience and to create customer confidence.   Saftea® Urn Liners can help.

Try it for free!  Request our 7-day free trial kit which includes 7 Saftea® Liners, and one pinch tube spigot. As always, our web store also makes it easy to order new supplies 24/7 so we are there for you whenever it is most convenient for you.  

Neighbor to neighbor, business to business, we are all in this together.  Let us know how we can help. Stay safe.

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