SaferDrink Insulated Cooler Liner

Everyone deserves a SaferDrink.

Dramatically Improved Sanitation

Improperly cleaned beverage coolers can contain dirt and harmful bacteria. SaferDrink Insulated Cooler Liners ensure the safest, freshest, and most hygienic way to dispense your favorite beverage.

Liners Available for 5 & 10-Gallon Coolers

We manufacture liners to fit all standard 5 and 10-gallon dispensers.

Fast-Flow Nozzle for Speedy Dispensing

Simply replace the standard factory push-button spigot with our special designed pinch tube spigot, and see how much faster your beverage dispenses.

Easy to Fill, Easy to Dispose

To fill, drape the liner over the side of the dispenser, and fill with your beverage of choice. At the end of the day, just empty any remaining contents and dispose of liner. Your cooler is ready for the next event with no scrubbing or cleaning required.

SaferDrink Liners are designed specially to fit all standard 5 and 10-gallon insulated beverage dispensers commonly used at sporting events, golf courses, construction sites, schools, and picnics.  When not properly cleaned, these dispensers can not only contain dirt, but also harmful bacteria.  Using SaferDrink Liners assures clean and fresh beverages every time.  They also eliminate the possibility of residual taste left behind by cleaning chemicals.

SaferDrink Liners are so easy to use!  First, you will need to replace the standard factory push-button style spigot with a pinch tube spigot specially designed to accept the dispensing tube that is built into each liner.  Insert liner into the dispenser, and feed the tube through the spigot until it protrudes all the way through, and then close the spigot.  Drape the liner over the side of the dispenser, and fill with your iced beverage of choice.

It’s really that simple!  Rest easy knowing you are serving the freshest, most hygienic beverages.  At the end of the day, empty any remaining contents, and remove and dispose of liner.  Your dispenser is ready for your next event without the need of intense cleaning and scrubbing. Be sure to have a supply of SaferDrink Liners on hand so that you are always ready to serve the highest quality beverages for any occasion.

Watch the video and see how it works!

We also make liners for commercial grade tea urns.  Click here to visit the Saftea® Liner page.